Company “BOONSONG THAI SUGAR” is one of the leading producers of white icumsa 45 sugar. All the time, tending to increase capacities and improve production, the company has built new sugar extraction plant in Chang Mai region.
The enterprise started to process White Icmusa 45  and Icumsa 100. Sugar extraction plant is already equipped with modern equipment of the world leading producers, which is notable for energy-saving and minimizes harmful influence on environment. At the same time, high rates of productivity and quality of products are preserved.
We will be a leading global company in sugar and bio-based industry by using innovative technology. together with integrated management To create value for the future of society
For more than half a century, Boonsong Thai Sugar has been operating on business routes.Sugar cane and sugar industry alongside Thai people’s way of life under operating philosophy
Aim For Excellence
At Boonsong Thai Sugar, we all strive to produce high quality products for consumers. with careful operation From the beginning to the end of the production and delivery to the customer.
Located In Fairness
At Boonsong Thai Sugar, we are all committed to conducting our business with fairness, transparency and auditability, with a commitment to provide the best benefits to all stakeholders, including employees, sugar cane farmers, joint traders. customer or consumer
Social Responsibility
At Boonsong Thai Sugar, we all develop businesses along with community and environmental development. because believe in Co-living…Joining Prosper that have to support each other
The THAI SUGAR plant is engaged in
production of Sugar in Thailand.
Our THAI SUGAR plant specializes in the production of high quality refined and Icumsa 45 and Icumsa 100 Sugar
We completely manufacture
products themselves, from label creation, bottle blowing, to production and oil bottling. 
The main activities of “THAI SUGAR” are production, processing, packaging of cereals and Icumsa Sugar, wholesale of groceries, both in Thailand and abroad.


Products manufactured and supplied by our company comply with all standards and requirements .
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